neděle 26. ledna 2020

O stále Větším Bratrovi

Zpátečník uvádí na "Šumavákovi" tuhle poznámku:

   Regardless of whether you believe Amazon’s promise to leave your Kindle alone, the company has tipped its hand and shown us the dark side of a culture where books are only available in electronic form. If the WhisperNet service from Kindle allows the company to delete books silently from your device, what other information might they have access to? Can the company monitor what you’re reading and when – and then hand that over to law enforcement? Can it replace a book file with a different file whose content is changed?

   Perhaps more than anything else, this mass deletion of 1984 has made it clear that collecting e-books is going to require some technical know-how. No e-book is truly yours unless you can get it off your Kindle and onto your computer – hopefully a computer that isn’t connected to the internet.

Pokusil jsem se na tu informaci navázat, ale systém mě nepustil dál. 
Možná si to přečetl a neuznal za vhodné to uveřejnit... [;>))